150W solar panel Polycrystalline for 12V battery ,home use

-High efficiency cell -Strong aluminum alloy frame -Power tolerance 3% -Excellent weaklight performance
  • Model CS-150P
  • Size 1480*670*35 mm
  • Capacity 150W
  • Price $42.00 ~ $52.00
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Products advantages: 
-High efficiency cell 
-Strong aluminum alloy frame 
-Power tolerance 3% 
-Excellent weaklight performance

Products features:

 ♥  High efficiency cell

 ♥  Strong aluminum alloy frame

 ♥  Standard tolerance (Guaranteed standard tolerance from -3~+3% ensures power output reliability)

 ♥  Excellent weak light performance

            Excellent performance under low light environments (mornings, evenings, and cloudy days)

 ♥   Withstand high wind and snow loads

          Entire module certified to withstand high wind loads (2400 Pascal) and snow loads (5400 Pascal)

Working Temperature :-40 °C to +85 °C
Max System Voltage :1000 V DC (IEC) / 600 V DC (UL)
Diode:2 by pass
Test Standard:Radiometric 1000 W/m2,
25 °C,AM=1.5;
Size of Cell :Mono  156*156mm
Number Of Cell:36(4×9)
Size of Panel :1476*671*30mm
Net Weight:10Kgs
Glass:Temperd Glass
Frame :Aluminum Alloy
Junction Box:IP65 rated
Output Cable :No