2017 Best quality and cheap polycrystalline silicon solar cell price 156x156

  • Model SC-156P
  • Size 156*156MM
  • Capacity 4.3-4.6W
  • Price USD1.40 ~ USD0.95
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A unique technology is used during the diffusion process to ensure uniformity. Its external uniformity is controlled with the use of an advanced PECVD forming technology, giving each solar cell its smooth surface coated dark blue silicon nitride antireflection coating. A high-quality metal paste is applied to each cell's back and lining to guarantee good electrical conductivity, reliable electrode absorption and adhesion. High-precise PSG etching and texturing makes each cell easier for post-production welding and laser cutting.

High Photoelectric Conversion Efficiency and Reliability
• High-efficiency solar cells with an isotropically etched surface
• Silicon nitride anti-reflection coating
• Silver front contact bars and full surface aluminum back contact field
• Proper handling from incoming inspection through production, outgoing inspection and packaging