High Efficiency Solar Cells

1) high conversion rate, high efficiency output;Please choose the cells carefully,it's micro and super thin,handle with care 2) Excellent low light effect,very powerful. 3) A unique process to make components beautiful and strong anti-snow, easy to in
  • Model SC-005
  • Size 26*52
  • Capacity 0.25W
  • Price $/W0.90 ~ $/W1.50
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Size: 52x26mm
Power: 0.25w
Average Voltage: 0.45v
Average Current:About 0.4A
Effeciency: About 17%
Connection way: the blue side connect "-" , white side connect"+". 
If have any problems,Pls contact me first, don't leave negative feedback and open dispute,thank you! because we will solve all problems .
in order to ensure enough power,it is better to use solder strip , copper strips to connect.
Package include:
more 100pcs(if less 100pcs,pls contact us)
Note: we can Customize the size for you as your requirement.
Attention: some pieces panels come with spots on side as production process can't avoid.
(some pieces will as following photoes),
But don't worry, it works still perfectly on power and voltage...if you are professional on it,will be ok.
If you very mind the appearance, PLS don't buy it ,thank you!