Solar Lighting Kits 18V/5W with 6m cable

18V/5W solar panel; 12V/4AH Lead-Acid storage batterie,with 6m cable
  • 6005A 6010A 6020A
    6040A 7005 7010
    7020 7040 6130
    6140 6160 6180
  • Model 18V/5W solar panel
  • Size 53*52.5*35.5cm
  • Capacity solar panel 18V/5W; storage battery: 12V/4AH Lead -Acid
  • Price USD25.40 ~ USD35.00
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Solar panel:18V/5W with 6M cable.
Storage battery: 12V/4AH Lead-Acid. 
Lamp: 2PCS super bright 1W LED lamp with 5m cable.
With USB port to charge mobile phones, MP3,MP4 etc.
Charging indicator: Yes.
Charging time: About 11-12 hours (by solar panel); About 5-6 hours (by adapter).
Lighting time: 2pcs 1W LED   22-24 hours when the battery is fully charged.